Governance of the ADADAO Protocol

The ADAO token, which serves as the ADADAO Protocol's governance token, allows holders to vote on changes to the protocol. It should be noted that anybody can submit suggestions for an ADAO vote, not just ADAO holders.
Any voter-approved changes to the Protocol's governance variables will most likely not take effect right away; instead, if voters choose to activate the Governance Security Module, they could be postponed by up to 24 hours (GSM). By triggering a Shutdown, ADAO holders would be able to safeguard the system, if required, from a harmful governance proposal (e.g., a proposal that changes collateral parameters in contravention of established monetary rules or permits security systems to be disabled).
ADAO holders have the option to vote on the following:
  • Add a new collateral asset type with a unique set of Risk Parameters.
  • Change the Risk Parameters of one or more existing collateral asset types, or add new Risk Parameters to one or more existing collateral asset types.
  • Choose the set of Oracle Feeds.
  • Choose the set of Emergency Oracles.
  • Trigger Emergency Shutdown.
  • Upgrade the system.